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Help Your Patients Better Manage Their Pain 

Why recommend the painACTION website to your patients? 

  • The painACTION program was developed in consultation with a panel of nationally recognized experts in the pain management field
  • It is designed to reinforce the importance of self-management for your patients with chronic pain, and to empower them with evidence-based strategies for self-managing pain
  • The painACTION site “learns” from your patients and provides information tailored to their specific needs; many other health websites provide only general information
  • It offers 24/7 access to information and tools designed to help your patients monitor and track their pain more accurately

How does painACTION fit into a treatment plan? 

  • It enables your patients to take an active role in their pain management
  • It complements medical visits by helping to educate your patients about how to use medications appropriately and safely
  • It helps your patients learn to communicate more effectively with you about their pain

What will your patients find on the painACTION site?

  • Self-assessment tools that provide individualized recommendations for evidence-based pain management
  • Learning modules dedicated specifically to managing back pain, migraine, and cancer pain, with more specialized modules to come
  • Lessons that teach practical pain self-management techniques
  • Information about managing the risks of opioid pain medications
  • Tips for pain management provided by peers

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